tempusTM and WaveTrainTM

Copyright and License Information

Copyright@ 1995-2011 MZA Associates Corporation, All rights reserved. Authorized recipients (see below) of this documentation may copy it freely in unmodified form for pre-authorized use only. Any distribution of this documentation must include this license page.

All versions of the tempus and WaveTrain (formerly called ABLSim) software packages and their related documentation, including all original related software, are copyrighted and are specifically not committed to the public domain. MZA Associates Corporation reserves all rights related to the software except that the United States Government has the following limited rights:

(United States) government personnel shall have the unlimited right to use, maintain, and modify tempus and WaveTrain. Government personnel may also distribute the software to non-government personnel for the purposes of supporting government projects. Non-government personnel may not use, copy, or distribute such software for any other purpose without written permission from MZA Associates Corporation.

MZA encourages use of tempus and WaveTrain throughout the research and development community. Any individuals or organizations wishing to obtain the software should contact MZA to negotiate the conditions of its use (this is not necessarily meant to imply that it will cost money). If you or your organization have obtained tempus and/or WaveTrain from anyone but MZA, contact MZA to negotiate the conditions of its use. Failure to do so may infringe upon MZA's rights. MZA intends to protect its rights to the fullest extent of the law.

WaveTrain and tempus includes software created by organizations and individuals other than MZA. The copyright and license statement above is not intended to infringe upon and/or supercede any legitimate rights that those organizations and individuals have to their works.

tempus, tve, t-shell, WaveTrain, and the MZA logo are trademarks of MZA Associates Corporation.

Matlab and Simulink are trademarks of The Mathworks, Inc. MATRIXx and SystemBuild are trademarks of Integrated Systems Inc. Easy5 is a trademark of Boeing. Java is a trademark of JavaSoft, Inc.

Statement updated April 8, 2011