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Function Synopsis

aoinf(infile, outfile, nxopd, dxopd)

Help text

 Usage: aoinf(infile, outfile, nxopd, dxopd)
 Description: aoinf calls the external program AOInf in order to compute
    the deformable mirror OPD and slope influence functions.
 Input Parameters:
    infile: is the name of input file from which the AO geometry
       specifications are to be read. Usually, but not necessarily,
       this file is created by AOGeom. The filename specification must
       include the .mat suffix.
    outfilespec: is the name of file to which the resulting combined
       reconstructors and AO geometry are to be written. This file is
       then loaded into Matlab for computation of the reconstructor
       using AORecon or specified as a constructor argument to AOModel.
       The filename specification must include the .mat suffix.
    nxopd: Specifies the number of points across the square grid
       superimposed on the DM for the purpose of resolving surface
       deflections on the OPD mesh. This number does not need to be as
       large as the propagation grid because the OPD influence function
       needs only to provide enough points to cover the entire mirror.
       The OPD mesh that is used is one at which the origin lies precisely
       at nxopd/2 + 1 point. Hence, the mesh is not symmetric and one must
       be careful to use nxopd and dxopd combination which covers the entire
       physical region of interest.
    dxopd: Specifies the physical spacing between grid points of the square
       grid superimposed on the DM for the purpose of resolving surface
       deflections on the OPD mesh. This parameter needs to be small enough
       to properly model the shape of the mirror and must to be smaller than 
       the spacing between actuators. It is usually sufficient to use six to
       twelve points per actuator spacing. Also, the actuator spacing must 
       be an even multiple of dxopd.
 Output Parameters:
    None. A series of messages are printed which indicate the success or
    lack thereof in computing the influence functions and writing the file.
    The two main reasons that AOInf may not complete successfully is because
    the user has specified a dxopd which does go into the actuator spacing
    an integral number of times. Or the nxopd, dxopd combination does not
    entirely cover the grid of actuators to be covered. The best way to avoid
    these problems is to specify dxopd as an integer divisor of the actuator
    spacing (i.e., dxopd = dxact/n, where n is an integer). And use the 
    command opdc to generator opd coordinates and plot up with xact, yact,
    xsub, and ysub which appear in the AOGeom output files.

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