tempusSystem Class Sine
Sine is part of the WaveTrain system class library

Sine generates two sine waves and outputs them in various formats.

Tempus Block Diagram Editor Snapshot
xA  float   Amplitude of x sine wave   1.0
xP  float   Initial phase of x sine wave (deg.)   0.0
xF  float   Frequency of x sine wave (Hz.)   10.0
yA  float   Amplitude of y sine wave   1.0
yP  float   Initial phase of y sine wave (deg.)   0.0
yF  float   Frequency of y sine wave (Hz.)   10.0
x  float   x sine wave as a scalar   
y  float   y sine wave as a scalar   
v  Vector<float>   x and y sine waves as a vector (x,y)   
c  Complex   x and y sine waves as a complex scalar, x+iy   

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