tempusSystem Class SquareWave
SquareWave is part of the WaveTrain system class library

SquareWave models a simple square wave generator. It takes four parameters, used to specify the time the first pulse should begin, the pulse height and length, and the interval between pulses. It has four outputs, of four different types, so that it can be used to drive systems expecting different types of inputs. Often SquareWave is used to turn on various devices, such as sensors and laser sources, each at a precisely specified moment, to ensure that they are synchronized correctly

Tempus Block Diagram Editor Snapshot
startTime  double   Time of first up state (s)   0
pulseHeight  double   Height of pulse   1.0
pulseLength  double   Length of pulse (s)   1.0e+6
pulseInterval  double   Interval between beginning of pulses (s)   1.0e+6
outputSignal  float   Float value of output signal   
intOutputSignal  int   Integer value of output signal   
doubleOutputSignal  double   Double value of output signal   
boolOutputSignal  bool   Boolean value of output signal (false when low, true when high)   

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