tempusSystem Class TimeHistoryGF
TimeHistoryGF is part of the WaveTrain system class library

TimeHistoryGF outputs a time-dependent gwoom Grid< float > given an input signal array sa having dimension (nx,ny,nt) and corresponding time vector tv with dimension (nt). The output grid is chosen based on the current time; if the current time falls between two times in the time vector, the output grid is chosen by interpolating (on a pixel-by-pixel basis) the input signal array (if sampleFlag = 0), or by sample-and-hold (if sampleFlag != 0). The parameter t0 defines the start time in the time vector, so that at simulation time t = 0.0 s, the output grid will be that for tv = t0. Also, the input time vector may be defined such that the time history does not begin until t > 0.0 s, and in prior times the initial grid s0 is used. If the time vector ends before the end of the simulation, the last grid is held throughout the remainder of the simulation.

Tempus Block Diagram Editor Snapshot
tv  Vector<double>   Time vector, length nt (s)   Vector()
sa  Array<float>   Signal array (nx,ny,nt)   Array()
dxy  float   Grid spacing for output grid (m)   0.1
t0  double   The time within the tv vector that is to correspond to simulation time t=0.0 (s)   0.0
s0  Grid<float>   Default signal grid before initial time   uniformGrid(0.0)
sampleFlag  int   Sample flag (0 = interpolate; 1 = sample and hold)   0
s  Grid<float>   Output signal grid (nx,ny) Grid()  

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