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 Description of tmx_recout data structure.

 A tmx_recout is an array of structures containing the following

 name: the dotted name of the output which to which the array
    element corresponds.
 whenchanged: a flag which, when non-zero, indicates that the
    output ought to be recorded every time it is changed.
    When set to zero the output is recorded according to timing
    criteria and not on the basis of whether or not it is modified.
 atleastrate: a time increment which, if positive, indicates
    the maximum time which should elapse between each recording
    of this output. When zero this value is ignored.
 exactlyrate: a time increment which, if positive, indicates
    the regular interval at which this output should be recorded.
    When zero this value is ignored.

 A tmx_recout structure can be created for a variety of classes of
 outputs. When created for the outputs that are to be recorded
 (using tmxrec(tmxh,'on')), the recording parameters are indicative
 of the current recording set up. If the tmx_recout structure is
 generated using tmxrec(tmxh,'off') then the recording parameters
 reflect the recording parameters that would be used should the user
 turn on recording for those outputs which are currently turned off.

 To change how outputs are recorded, the user may modify the values
 of whenchanged, atleastrate, and exactlyrate, before passing the
 tmx_recout structure to tmxrecon to turn recording on.

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