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Matlab files in this Directory

istmxhandle    Usage: flag = istmxhandle(tmxh)
tfuntmpl.m     Template for t-functions.
tmxcompparams  Usage: cparam = tmxcompparams(runset, {param})
tmxcreate      Usage: tmxh = tmxcreate(runset, {param}, {trfname}, {verbose}, {runtrm})
tmxdel         Usage: tmxh = tmxdel(tmxh)
tmxload        Usage: d = tmxload(tmxh, output)
tmxmkdll       Usage: {tmxh =} tmxmkdll(runset, {flag})
tmxnow         Usage: t = tmxnow(tmxh)
tmxout         Usage: recout = tmxout(tmxh, {flag})
tmxoutls       Usage: outlist = tmxoutls(tmxh, {flag}, {nonum})
tmxout_all     Usage:  [r] = tmxout_all(sys)
tmxout_dft     Usage:  [r] = tmxout_dft(sys)
tmxparams      Usage: param = tmxparams(runset)
tmxrecoff      Usage: tmxh = tmxrecoff(tmxh, {recout})
tmxrecon       Usage: tmxh = tmxrecon(tmxh, {recout})
tmxrun         Usage: tmxh = tmxrun(tmxh, stoptime, {runtrm})
tmxsetinp      Usage: tmxh = tmxsetinp(tmxh, inpname, inpvalue)
tmxstoprecout  Usage:  [h] = tmxstoprecout(handle,recordoutputs)
tmx_handle     Description of tmx_handle data structure.
tmx_param      Description of tmx_param data structure.
tmx_recout     Description of tmx_recout data structure.
trm            Usage: trm(tmxh, {options})
trmcreate      Usage: tmxh = trmcreate(runset, {param}, {trfname}, {verbose})
trmrun         Usage: tmxh = trmrun(tmxh, stoptime)