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Function Synopsis

ds = trfloaddata(trfh, runs, vars, other);

Help text

 Usage: ds = trfloaddata(trfh, {runs}, {vars}, {mintime}, {maxtime}, 

 Description: trfloaddata loads data from the specified trf file, 
    the information of the data storage is given by trfh, which is a
    cell array  generated by trfloadinfo function.

 Input Parameters:
 trfh:    A cell array created by trfloadinfo function.
 runs:    An array of run indices, which specify which runs are to be
 vars:    An array of variable indices that specifies which variables are to
          be loaded for each run. 
 other:   The other way to load data: one needs specify loading variables in 
          different runs. The other variable should have the format:
          other = [run1, var11,var12,...,-1,run2,var21,var22,...,-1,....,-1].
          If the var is set to be zero, it means load all variables for this 
          run. But we can't set run number to be zero.

 Return Variables:
 ds:    A trf_handle containing all of the loaded data. If an error occurs
        during loading the null matrix is returned.

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