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 Description of trf_handle data structure.

 A trf_handle is a specific data structure that mirrors the contents of a trf
 file. trf_handles always contain directory information about a file and may
 also contain the actual data contents.

 The trf_handle structure contains the following fields:

 filename: A string containing the name of the file
 fid: An integer file identifier used to access the file with Matlab functions
 machineformat: A string containing the format of the file.
 addresstype: A string containing the size of the disk addresses used within the file.
 r: A [1xn] array of trf_run structures containing the details of each run, where n
    is the total number of runs.

 When a trf_handle is created with trfopen, it contains only directory information
 about the file for all of the runs and variables that the file contains. trf_handles
 subsequently created using trfsel or trfload may also contain the actual data
 corresponding to variables and runs. To access the data corresponding to the jth
 variable of the ith run stored in the trf_handle named th, use:

 t = th.r(i).v(j).t % Obtains the time vector.
 d = th.r(i).v(j).d % Obtains the data

 If the data has not yet been loaded, the t and d elements will be the null matrix.
 The specific structure of the d element is dependent on the particular type of data
 that was stored during tempus System execution.

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