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Function Synopsis

trfh = trfopen(filename, runstotrace, machineformat, addresstype);

Help text

 Usage: trfh = trfopen(filename, {runstotrace}, {machineorigin})
        or the following form is supported but will become obsolete:
        trfh = trfopen(filename, {runstotrace}, {machineformat}, {addresstype})

 Description: trfopen scans through a trf file to determine its content
              and returns a trfh which can be used to load data stored
              in the file. If the file cannot be opened or cannot be read
              for some other reason (such as file corruption), a warning
              message is printed and trfh is set to the null matrix.
              In some cases warning messages are printed but the file
              is still accessible. For example, when trfopen is used on a
              trf file which is being written, a warning message will be
              printed which indicates that only the runs up to the run
              which is currently being written can be accessed.

 Input Parameters:
   filename: A string providing the name of the file to be opened.
   runstotrace: A vector containing the indeces of the runs which should
                be traced. This can save time with very large files when
                only a subset of the runs are of interest.
   machineorigin: Specifies the type of machine on which the trf file to be
                  opened was generated. Valid values are currently 'PCWIN'
                  and 'SGI64' (see "help computer").

   The following options are supported but will eventually become obsolete:

   machineformat: Either 'ieee-le.l64' or 'ieee-be.l64'. This indicates the
                  type of machine (little or big endian) that the file was
                  created on. SGI's and most other machines are big-endian.
                  PCs and Linux are little-endian. (see "help fopen").
   addresstype: Either 'int64' or 'int32'. This indicates the type of address
                generated by the machine on which the file is generated.
                What this needs to be set to is dependent both on the machine
                which creates the file and the machine which reads the file.
                If you are confused, use the machineorigin option instead.

   trfh: A data structure containing a variety of information about the trf file.

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