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Function Synopsis

varargout = trfsel(trfh, mint, maxt, cellout);

Help text

 Usage: (1) [trfhs] = trfsel(trfh, mint, maxt);
        (2) [trfrk1, trfrk2, ...] = trfsel(trfh, mint, maxt);
        (3) [trfrkcell] = trfsel(trfh, mint, maxt, 1);

 Description: trfsel displays a GUI window which allows the user to select
              which data from an open trf file can be loaded. In form (1)
              a trf_handle structure is returned. In form (2) a group of
              trf_rack structures are returned. Finally, form (3) returns
              a cell array of trf_rack structures. On-line HTML documentation
              should be accessed for more information on this function.

 Input Parameters:
   trfh: A trf_handle structure which has been created using trf_open.
   1: An optional parameter which, if specified, indicates that a cell array
      containing trf_rack structures ought to be returned provided the
      load-and-rack feature of the GUI window is used.

 Output Parameters:
   trfhs: A trf_handle structure containing data selected for loading
          (see help trf_handle).
   trfrki: A trf_rack structure containing data selected for loading
           (see help trf_rack).
   trfrkcell: A cell array of trf_rack structures containing data selected
              for loading (see help trf_rack).

 If the user does not carry out the action indicated by his return arguments
 trfsel will typically print a warning message and return the resulting
 trf_handle in the first argument.

 Known Bugs: The wild card portion of the GUI is not yet implemented.
 There is no minimum and maximum time option for loads.

Cross-Reference Information

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