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 Description of tmx_handle data structure.

 A tmx_handle is a specific data structure that provides access to and
 information about a created mex-system. The data in a tmx_handle may
 be interrogated but it must not be directly modified by a user. Doing
 so will cause unpredictable results including crashes and incorrect

 The tmx_handle structure contains the following fields:

 handle: a 4-byte integer containing a relocatable address of the object
    representing the tempus runset.
 runsetname: the name of the runset used to create this mex-system.
 mexname: the name of the mex-file used to execute this mex-system.
 trfname: the name of the trf file to be generated through execution
    of this mex-system.
 smfname: the name of the shared memory file used to monitor the execution
    of this mex-system.
 defparams: a tmx_param structure containing the default setting
    expressions of the mex-system's run variables and parameters.
 compparams: a tmx_param structure containing the computed values of
    the run variables and parameters used to initialize this mex-system.
 recouts: a tmx_recout structure containing the names and recording
    parameters of the outputs which are currently configured for
 verbose: a simple flag indicating whether or not informational messages
    are printed while operations are performed on the mex-system.
 trmrunning: a simple flag indicating whether or not a tempus runset
    monitor has been automatically started by tmx routines.
 starttime: the simulation start time of the associated run.
 stoptime: the current time (and thus the stop time) of the associated

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