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Function Synopsis

tmxh = tmxmkdll(runset, flag)

Help text

 Usage: {tmxh =} tmxmkdll(runset, {flag})
 Description: tmxmkdll compiles the mex source code file generated by the
    tve as specified by runset. If there is a compile error, a series of
    messages will be printed from which the user might be able to decipher
    what went wrong. If the user specifies an output argument and the
    compilation is successful, an instance of the mex-system is constructed
    and a tmx_handle is returned.
 Input Parameters:
    runset: A string specifying the name of the runset to be compiled.
       The name is in the form of sysRunrunset where sys is the top-level
       tempus system name and runset is the name of the runset as specified
       in the tve. This will cause the compilation of a source code file
       named mexsysRunrunset.cpp and will result in the create of a
       relocatable object file named mexsysRunrunset.dll.
    flag: A string specifying whether or not an optimized or debug version
       of the relocatable object code is generated. Specifying 'debug'
       results in a non-optimized version with debug symbols. Specifying
       'release' results in the generation of the optimized version.
       If this parameter is absent, 'release' is assumed.
 Output Parameters:
    tmxh: a tmx_handle providing access to a intialized instance of the
       compiled mex-system. The mex-system is created only if the compilation
       is successful and an output argument is specified. The user must be
       careful to delete this instance using tmxdel when he is done with it.

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