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Function Synopsis

trfh = trfclose(trfhin);

Help text

 Usage: trfh = trfopen(trfhin);

 Description: Close the trf file pointed to by the trf_handle trfhin and return a
              trf_handle which points has an invalid file identifier.

 Input Parameters:
   trfhin: A trf_handle structure which has been created using trf_open.

 Output Parameters:
   trfh: A trf_handle structure which contains an invalid file pointer.

   So that user's can keep track of whether or not a trf file is opened or
   closed, it is generally a good idea to use only one trf_handle for loading
   data from a particular file. In this way, users will not inadvertantly
   attempt to load data from a closed or otherwise invalid file. For this
   reason, this routine ought to be used in a form where trfhin and trfh
   have the same name. That is, t=trfclose(t) should be the typical form.

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