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WaveTrain Components and Effects Library

The WaveTrain component library contains all the different kinds of components needed to model a wide variety of optical systems. The library, WtLib, is divided into six sub-libraries:

AtmosLib, for modeling optical propagation through atmospheric turbulence or vacuum.
ControlsLib, for modeling control systems for tracking and adaptive optics.
OpticsLib, for modeling a wide variety of optical components and effects.
SensorLib, for modeling optical sensors, such as cameras and wavefront sensors.
SignalLib, for modeling signal generators, such as square wave generators.
SourceLib, for modeling light sources, such as pulsed and continuous wave lasers, point sources, and optically rough reflectors.

Each sub-library contains a variety of components, which you can cut and paste for use in constructing a model of an optical system. Each type of component has it own sets of parameters, inputs, and outputs; parameters are used to set its initial conditions and fine-tune its behaviors, while inputs and outputs are used to define its interactions with other components. Information on individual components can be found by following the links to the sub-libraries, which each have links to all the components they contain.  

The location of the component library will depend on where WaveTrain is installed on your system; typically it will be on either your C or D drive, in the directory "\mza\wavetrain\v2000.11\wtlib", and top-level diagram (shown above) is stored in the file "WtLib.tsd".

This document provides a graphical index to the documentation for WTLib. Navigate to the section of interest and then click on the icon of the System of interest.