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Function Synopsis

param = tmxparams(runset)

Help text

 Usage: param = tmxparams(runset)
     or param = tmxparams(tmxh)
     or param = tmxparams(trfparams)
     or param = tmxparams(trfrun)
 Description: Return a tmx_param structure containing the default
    parameter settings expressions for the specified runset,
    mex-system, or parameter set loaded from a trf file.
 Input Parameters:
    runset: A string specifying the name of the runset for which the
       default parameter setting expressions are to be returned.
       The specified runset must have been previously compiled using
    tmxh: a tmx_handle of the mex-system for which the default setting
       expressions are to be returned.
    trfparams: an array of trf_param structures, presumably loaded
       from a trf file.
    trfrun: a trf_run structure from which the associated trf_param
       array is to be used. Again, presumably loaded from a trf file.
 Output Parameters:
    param: a tmx_param structure which indicates the default setting
       expressions for the specified mex-system.
 Note: When converting parameters from trf structures, this routine
    does not properly create a structure which places parameters which
    cannot be changed in braces. The resulting structure will not be
    rejected by routines such as tmxcreate, but the user could be
    mislead into thinking that the parameter will be used. Actually,
    such parameters will be ignored altogether.

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