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Function Synopsis

tmxh = trmcreate(runset, param, trfname, verbose)

Help text

 Usage: tmxh = trmcreate(runset, {param}, {trfname}, {verbose})
 Description: Create an instance of a mex-system as specified by runset
    and start the tempus runset monitor.
    If specified, the parameters specified by params are used rather
    than the default parameter setting expressions. The mex-system will
    generate a trf file using trfname when specified, otherwise, a
    default name will be generated. Finally, if verbose is specifed and
    non-zero, a flag will be set which causes a series of informative
    message to be printed as the mex-system is manipulated.
 Input Parameters:
    runset: A string specifying the name of the runset to be created.
       The specified runset must have been previously compiled using
    param: a tmx_param structure which, if specified, indicates how
       runset and parameter values should be computed. If param is not
       specified the default setting expressions will be used.
    trfname: a string which, if specified, indicates the name of the trf
       file to be generated. If trfname is not specified, a trf file name
       will be generated.
    verbose: a boolean value which if non-zero, specifies that informational
       messages should be printed as the mex-system is manipulated. If not
       specified or if zero, these informational messages are not printed.
 Output Parameters:
    tmxh: a tmx_handle providing access to a intialized instance of the
       compiled mex-system. The user must be careful to delete this instance
       using tmxdel when he is done with it.

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