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Function Synopsis

varargout = trfrack(trfh, runs, vars, mintime, maxtime);

Help text

 Usage: [trfrkc, msg] = trfrack(trfh, {runs}, {vars}, {mintime}, {maxtime});

 Description: trfrack returns a trf_rack data structure containing a packed
 array of data loaded from a trf file. trfrack can be more convenient than
 trfload because it returns data in a form which can be easily manipulated
 by Matlab graphics functions. trfrack has strict requirements that each
 of the variables loaded for each run are exactly the same size and have
 data for exactly the same simulation virtual times. There are a number of
 conditions under which trfrack returns a detailed error message indicating
 what data could not be racked. When trfrack returns an error, the user must
 trim the data down to a "rackable" subset or use trfsel or trfload.

 Input Parameters:
 trfh: A trf_handle created by a previous trf toolbox function. If the data
       to be racked has not been loaded into trfh, then the trfload
       is called before the rack process is started.
 runs: An array of run indices that specifies which runs are to be
 vars: An array of variable indices that specifies which variables are to
       be racked for each run.
 mintime: The minimum simulation virtual time for which data is to be
          racked. If not specified, then all data up to and including maxtime is
 maxtime: The maximum simulation virtual time for which data is to be
          racked. If not specified, then all data after and including mintime is

 Return Variables:
 trfrkc: A cell array of trf_rack structures containing the data loaded
        and racked. . If an error occurs or the specified data cannot be racked,
        the null matrix is returned.
 msg: A string containing an error message as to which variables could
      not be racked and why.

 Known Bugs:
    The error message returned could be better documented.

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