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WaveTrain Anchoring and Validation

For WaveTrain to be useful it must produce reliable results. Because WaveTrain builds on a large base of knowledge and previous modeling efforts related to wave and adaptive optics, the primary mechanism for determining whether or not WaveTrain is correct is through comparison with existing codes which are known to compute results which have been anchored to theory and/or experiment. This document contains links to the presentations of the comparison of WaveTrain results to those of other codes. In particular, the legacy code ACS written by Don Link of SAIC and Bill Brown's AFRL code are the primary codes to which WaveTrain has been compared.

Anchoring Documents

Anchoring WaveTrain to ACS using a DPE Test Case

Anchoring WaveTrain to ACS for Extended Object Speckle Realizations

Anchoring WaveTrain to Air Force Research Laboratory Airborne Laser Advanced Concepts Testbed Experiments