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Function Synopsis

tmxh = tmxsetinp(tmxh, inpnames, inpvalues)

Help text

 Usage: tmxh = tmxsetinp(tmxh, inpname, inpvalue)
        tmxh = tmxsetinp(tmxh, inpnames, inpvalues)
 Description: Set the values of mex-system inputs.
 Input Parameters:
    tmxh: a tmx_handle of the mex-system for which specified input(s)
       are to be set.
    inpname: a string specifying the name of a single input to be set.
    inpvalue: a data value which is used to assign the specified input.
       The format, size, and content of the variable is dependent on the
       tempus object type to be set.
    inpnames: a cell array of strings containing the names of multiple
       inputs to be set.
    inpvalues: a cell array containing a values to which the inputs
       specified by inpnames are to be set. inpnames and inpvalues
       correspond on an index basis.
 Output Parameters:
    tmxh: the resulting tmx_handle of the system once the specified inputs
       have been set.
 Note: If invalid input names are specified, they and their corresponding
    values will be ignored.

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