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Function Synopsis

tmxh = tmxrun(tmxh, stoptime, runtrm)

Help text

 Usage: tmxh = tmxrun(tmxh, stoptime, {runtrm})
 Description: Run the mex-system indicated by tmxh from its current
    simulation time until the specified stoptime.
 Input Parameters:
    tmxh: a tmx_handle of the mex-system which is to be executed.
    stoptime: the virtual time at which the execution of the mex-system
       is to be stopped. tempus continues to execute until all events
       having an event time less than or equal to stoptime are processed.
    runtrm: a flag indicating whether or not the tempus runset monitor
       (trm) is to be run. If empty or zero, the trm is not run.
       Otherwise, the trm is started if it has not been started by an
       earlier call for the given runset.
 Output Parameters:
    tmxh: The resulting tmx_handle of the mex-system which was executed.
 Note: If for some reason, the tmxh.trmrunning flag is set but you still
    want to start the trm, use the routine trm, or set tmxh.trmrunning
    to zero.

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