MZA Associates Corporation performs Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) research and analysis for a wide range of U.S. government projects. MZA provides unique expertise in the areas of wave-optics modeling, adaptive optics systems, and scientific data acquisition, analysis, and management. MZA is the developer of WaveTrainTM, the industry's most widely used wave-optics analysis tool, which has become the industry standard for the analysis of optical atmospheric propagation and adaptive optics system. WaveTrain has been used to analyze beam control problems for nearly every major ongoing High Energy Laser (HEL) weapons project. To complement wave-optics analysis, MZA develops and maintains SHaRE, an HEL scaling code which provides detailed engagement analysis. MZA is also the developer of tempusTM, an object-oriented simulation executive which MZA uses to develop detailed timeline models of high-power microwave (HPM) and high energy laser (HEL) systems.