Scaling for HEL and Relay Engagement

MZA Associates Corporation provide extensive expertise in the theoretical analysis of laser propagation and beam control performance. Analytical methods are the basis of system performance scaling laws that model the anticipated performance of a laser projection, imaging, and adaptive-optics system given diverse laser, environment, and engagement conditions. These methods are fast-running compared to wave-optics and are intended to complement WaveTrain simulations by providing a broader-ranging assessment of the laser system at lower fidelity.

SHaRE Toolbox

Developed for the Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate (AFRL/DE), SHaRE provides a generalized scaling law modeling architecture in the form of a MATLAB toolbox under which a broad spectrum of laser and imaging applications may be represented. SHaRE enables robust modeling of tactical and strategic laser systems employed in direct attack mode or in coordination with relay mirror systems. SHaRE uses analysis methods that have been developed and validated over the course of many Air Force and joint service programs. SHaRE allows the user to select from available methods to model diverse physical phenomena and is flexible enough to make use of user-defined models that exist as MATLAB functions. SHaRE supports interfacing via GUI and output macros to Microsoft Excel and Power Point. SHaRE is available to DoD and DoD contractors' analysts working on government projects. SHaRE distribution is approved by AFRL/DE. To request a copy of SHaRE, contact share.


A Toolbox for Atmospheric Propagation Modeling

ATMTools is a MATLAB toolbox supporting all atmospheric modeling for SHaRE and SCALE, plus other theoretical methods related to propagation through turbulence. ATMTools contains a comprehensive set of standard atmospheric models and provides interfacing to other atmospheric tools such as MODTRAN, FASCODE and ExPERT. ATMTools is supported by a set of engagement geometry functions which handle geo-location, coordinate conventions, trajectory generation, and analysis coordinate definitions. To request a copy of ATMTools, contact atmtools.

SCALE Toolbox

Scaling for Airborne Laser Engagements

Developed for the Missile Defense Agency's Airborne Laser Program Office (MDA/AL), SCALE is a MATLAB toolbox containing specialized effects modeling algorithms developed specifically for the Airborne Laser (ABL). These methods have undergone rigorous validation via simulation and system testing. The toolbox functions are designed for stand-alone analysis and can be used to support system-level simulations. For the user who already has SHaRE, the SCALE toolbox will enable SHaRE to conduct high-fidelity modeling of the ABL. SCALE distribution is approved by MDA/AL. To request a copy of SCALE, contact scale.