All MZA Staff

Keith Beardmore - Senior Scientist
Ph.D. Mathematical Sciences
Keith.Beardmore, ext. 126
Samuel Blike - Engineer
B.S. Aerospace Engineering
Samuel.Blike, ext. 118
William Boucher - Information Technology and Programming Specialist
B.S. Electrical Engineering
William.Boucher, ext. 166
Nick DeLucca - Research Scientist
Ph.D. Aerospace and Mechancal Engineering
Nick.DeLucca, ext. 112
Yakov Diskin - Research Engineer
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Yakov.Diskin, ext. 120
Richard Drye - Scientist
M.S. Electro-Optics
Richard.Drye, ext. 104
Mitchell Grose - Scientist
M.S. Electro-Optics
Mitchell.Grose, ext. 125
Brandon Hampshire - Engineer
B.S. Electrical Engineering
Brandon.Hampshire, ext. 130
Matthew Heino - Optical Engineer
M.S. Physics
Matthew.Heino, ext. 168
Kevin Jackovitz - Scientist
M.S. Electrical Engineering
Kevin.Jackovitz, ext. 119
Jesse Jameson - Technical Program Manager
M.S. Information Technology
Jesse.Jameson, ext. 129
Mark Jurkovich - Engineer
M.S. Aerospace Engineering
Mark.Jurkovich, ext. 107
Jessica Kamm - Assistant FSO / Administrative Coordinator
B.S. Anthropology
Jessica.Kamm, ext. 110
Kevin Krucki - Research Scientist
M.S. Electrical Engineering
Kevin.Krucki, ext. 137
George Lewandowski - Scientist
M.S. Electro-Optics
George.Lewandowski, ext. 127
Tim Lucas - Optical Engineer
M.S. Electrical Engineering
Tim.Lucas, ext. 121
Phil Macklin - Director of Business Development
Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry
Phil.Macklin, ext. 165
Eric Magee - Senior Scientist
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Eric.Magee, ext. 102
Justin Mansell - Vice President / Chief Technology Officer
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Justin.Mansell, ext. 122
Hazel Martinez - Corporate Security Officer / HR Administrator
B.S. Business Management
Hazel Martinez, ext. 114
Lisa Measures - Office Manager / Facility Security Officer
B.S. Elementary Education
Lisa.Measures, ext. 100
Amy Ngwele - Scientist
M.S. Electrical Engineering
Amy.Ngwele, ext. 106
Alex Opell - Contracts / Accounting Manager
A.A.S. Accounting
Alexandra.Opell, ext. 162
Andrew Padilla - Technician
A.A.S. Integrated Studies
Andrew.Padilla, ext. 148
Bob Praus - President and Software Engineer
B.S. Applied Mathematics
Robert.Praus, ext. 111
Shawn Praus - Technician

Shawn.Praus, ext. 131
Stephen Praus - Technician

Stephen.Praus, ext. 144
Adam Rainford - Engineer
B.S. Aerospace Engineering
Adam.Rainford, ext. 138
Steve Rehnberg - Chief Financial Officer
Steve.Rehnberg, ext. 171
Joe Riley - Scientist
M.S. Electro-Optics
Joe.Riley, ext. 103
Jason Schmidt - Senior Scientist
Ph.D. Electro-Optics
Jason.Schmidt, ext. 115
Leanne Schram - Contracts / Billing Admininstrator

Leanne.Schram, ext. 141
Eric Smith - Scientist
B.S. Physics
Eric.Smith, ext. 124
Adam Smith - Research Scientist
Ph.D. Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Adam.Smith, ext. 124
Jason Tellez - Senior Scientist
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Jason.Tellez, ext. 108
Ben Walker - System Administrator and Programmer
B.S. Computer Science
Ben.Walker, ext. 113
Bryce Wauligman - Engineer
B.S. Aerospace Engineering
Bryce.Wauligman, ext. 109
Matthew Whiteley - Vice President Dayton Operations
Ph.D. Physics
Matthew.Whiteley, ext. 101