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Active Optical Systems (AOS) started in 2005 by developing the lowest-cost high-quality deformable mirror on the market. AOS then developed the low-cost wavefront sensor products on the market today by leveraging the advances in USB and FireWire (1394) interface cameras. By combining these technologies AOS developed both conventional wavefront-sensor adaptive optics systems and metric AO systems. The most recent work at AOS has been in demonstrating laser beam shaping systems and more conventional piezoelectric actuator plate-type deformable mirrors that exceed many of the specifications of any other vendor of this technology.

Today, AOS is a one-stop shop for virtually all adaptive optics needs. AOS has low-cost systems for research and educational institutions and high-end systems for industrial and military applications. Please visit the AOS website for more information or contact us for information on any of our products that are not descrbed in detail on the website.