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Have a look at the WaveTrain brochure. To get an idea of what a WaveTrain adaptive optics model looks like, you can navigate the documentation for the Baseline Adaptive Optics and Tracking (BLAT) model. All of the documentation is compiled from the information entered by the model builder as he is building the model. The HTML documentation allows users to traverse the model block diagram in a manner consistent with the actual WaveTrain GUI.
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If you don't have version 2010C Release 10, you should contact us right away. Otherwise you can see the documentation for the BLAT model or check the downloads and documentation sections below.
Get WaveTrain Free of Charge

WaveTrain is available free-of-charge to contractors and government personnel working on U.S. government projects.

MZA does charge license fees for commercial use and offers a variety of support products for both government and commercial users. To obtain WaveTrain, e-mail us your complete contact information. If you are a government contractor, include the contract number and technical point of contact.

WaveTrain 2010C Release 10 is Now Available!

In December 2010, MZA began distributing WaveTrain 2010C. Release 10 was made in April of 2012.

This release incorporates some major additions:

  • We are using a new license manager with support for 64-bit mode and future upgrades to WaveTrain.
  • Visual Studio 2010 editions are fully supported.
  • WaveTrain now works on Mac OS/X Snow Leopard and Lion.
  • Wideband.lib added to support polychromatic sources and cameras.
  • Additional trackers, including GPU-enabled trackers for faster processing.

Other additions or changes:

  • Improve accuracy of thermal blooming results when stagnation zones are present, by including effects of thermal diffusion due to conduction.
  • Improved accuracy in timing over longer distances, since path lengths are now represented as double-precision floats.
  • TrfView plots grids with spacing information.
  • Mex systems now build and run on Linux and MacOS X.
View the detailed release notes.
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