New Mexico Technology Flying 40

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For 17 years consecutively, since 2001, MZA has been named to the New Mexico Technology Flying 40 , a group of New Mexico technology businesses recognized for their rapid growth.

After the first award MZA's President, Bob Praus, attributed the growth to its success in providing a diverse array of services to the Air Force Research Laboratory. "Because we can support such a broad spectrum of technologies, we've been able to grow steadily in the services area, but I believe that even more significant growth will occur in the next two years because of the increasing maturity of WaveTrain." WaveTrain is an object-oriented wave-optics modeling and simulation environment designed to give engineers and analysts insight to the design and performance of adaptive optics systems.

Bob Praus (left) and Steve Coy with MZA's certificate at the Flying 40 banquet held at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History on March 13, 2001