MZA to Present a Short Course on Laser Propagation
2012-02-16 17:29:16
On April 2, 2012 the Dr. Boris Venet and Mr. Robert Praus of MZA will present a short course on Laser Propagation at the Directed Energy Professional Society's (DEPS) Directed Energy Systems Symposium in Rockville, Maryland. The half-day course will cover the theoretical and applied analysis of laser propagation, including propagation through random media. The first half of the course will provide the fundamental theories of free space propagation and propagation through random media including scattering, absorption, and wave front effects. The second half of the course will cover the computation of laser propagation effects using statistical and wave-optics approaches. Students will be introduced to the modeling of laser propagation using SHaRE and WaveTrain software tools. The fundamentals of atmospheric compensation will be reviewed. Follow the links to obtain more information on DEPS, the symposium, and the course.