MZA was at the DEPS Modeling and Simulation Conference in Full Force
2005-03-01 00:00:00

MZA staff members participated heavily in the Directed Energy Professional Society's (DEPS) Third Directed Energy Modeling and Simulation Conference in Tampa, Florida. On March 14, Bob Praus presented a half-day short course on "Modeling and Simulation using WaveTrain". The course was based on the WaveTrain tutorial augmented with introductory and foundational materials from an earlier short course that MZA has given. Justin Mansell presented a briefing titled "Experimental Beam Control using WaveTrain" which documents an on-going project where we have successfully used WaveTrain to simultaneously model and control an adaptive optics experiment. Steve Coy extended the propagation sampling requirements analysis on which he has been working and presented a talk called "Choosing Mesh Spacings and Mesh Dimensions for Wave Optics Simulation". Bob Praus presented talks on on-going MZA work, "Recent Progress in Airborne Laser System Performance Model Anchoring" and "Solid State Laser System Modeling and Optimization". We'll add the releasable materials to our WaveTrain and publication pages once they are properly formatted.