MZA Kicks-off its 20th Anniversary Celebration
2011-09-26 13:20:00

On Sep. 17 MZA kicked off its 20th anniversary celebration with an employee family picnic at North Domingo Baca Park in Albuquerque. Cathy McGinnis, MZA's contracts administrator, coordinated the event. There was a barbeque for all and fun activities for the children. The Albuquerque employees presented MZA's President, Bob Praus, with a beautiful New Mexico-shaped plaque congratulating him on reaching the twenty year milestone. Mr. Praus announced the kick-off of MZA's 20/20 initiative with which MZA will commemorate its 20th year through a series of public activities and announcements including an on-going retrospective of twenty significant accomplishments that MZA has made to the industry throughout its history.

Continuing the celebration, the Dayton facility held its employee picnic on Saturday, Sep. 24, at Yankee Park in Centerville, OH. Vice President and Dayton Operations Manager, Dr. Matt Whiteley, provided a series of amusing comparisons between Albuquerque, New Mexico and Dayton, Ohio. He then presented Bob Praus with a necktie with a historical design representing Dayton's importance in aerospace history and a can of Skyline Chili, a favorite among Cincinatti locals. After the presentations, Mr. Praus demonstrated his clear lack of skill in the beanbag tossing game called "cornhole."

MZA 20/20: Celebrating 20 years of technical excellence and service to the United States Armed Forces and looking forward with clear 20/20 vision.