MZA was named to the 2001 New Mexico Technology Flying 40
2001-03-01 00:00:00

In March 2001 MZA was named to the New Mexico Technology Flying 40, a group of technology businesses recognized for their rapid growth. As computed by KPMG LLP, MZA has had 80% growth over the last four years, with revenues for 2000 of $1,790,900. The sponsors of the Flying 40 are Technology Ventures Corporation, KPMG, First State Bank and the Albuquerque Journal. A series of articles in the Albuquerque Journal provides information about the Flying 40.

MZA's President, Bob Praus, attributes the growth to its success in providing a diverse array of services to the Air Force Research Laboratory. "Because we can support such a broad spectrum of technologies, we've been able to grow steadily in the services area, but I believe that even more significant growth will occur in the next two years because of the increasing maturity of WaveTrain." WaveTrain is an object-oriented wave-optics modeling and simulation environment designed to give engineers and analysts insight to the design and performance of adaptive optics systems. Version 2000.11 which provides a significant documentation library was recently released. "Once we get the support and maintenance of WaveTrain down, we plan to hit the ground running with tempus." tempus is a generalized object-oriented simulation and modeling environment designed to meet the needs of interdisciplinary simulation with complex interactions between subsystems.