Products Overview

MZA provides advanced solutions for a variety of technical problems. We support advanced simulation and analysis, optical design and implementation, and data acquisition, analysis, and management. For more information navigate to a detailed capabilities briefing and the links below.


WaveTrain is an advanced object-oriented software system for modeling and simulation of wave-optics and adaptive optics systems.


Developed for the Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate (AFRL/RD), SHaRE provides a generalized scaling law modeling architecture in the form of a MATLAB toolbox under which a broad spectrum of laser and imaging applications may be represented.

Adaptive Optics Components (by AOS)

AOS is a one-stop shop for virtually all adaptive optics needs. AOS has low-cost systems for research and educational institutions and high-end systems for industrial and military applications. Please visit the AOS website for more information or contact us for information on any of our products that are not described in detail on the website.

Atmospheric Characterization Devices

MZA manufactures atmospheric characterization devices that can be used to establish requirements for ISR and beam control system performance. The techniques utilized have been proven in multiple experiments.

Turbulence Generation Devices

MZA manufactures mixed-air devices and deformable mirrors that generate optical aberrations to emulate extended path propgation effects in a laboratory environment.