WaveTrain Downloads

OTHER: Propagation Geometry Tools (May 24, 2007)

MZA has developed an Excel spreadsheet and a Matlab m-file meant to help users compute the sampling requirements necessary for a given propgation geometry. The primary point of the tools is to help users choose what is commonly called propnxy and propdxy in WaveTrain models. To use the tools, use your right mouse button and select "Save As..." to download the Excel Spreadsheets, WTPropagationGeometry.xls, and/or the newer version, PropagationGeometrySimpleSolver, and the Matlab m-file, wtpropgeom.m.

UPDATE: Updated tve GUI (May 2005)

Many regular users of WaveTrain have the latest GUI. To determine if you do, start the tve, open the runset editor, and choose Options on the menu bar. If the first option in the drop down menu is "Customize TVE...", then you have the latest and don't need to download. If you don't see "Customize TVE...", then you don't have the latest. You can install it on your machine using the following instructions.

  1. Download the password-protected file, tveupd052005.zip.
  2. E-mail us, asking for the password.
  3. Once you receive the password, exit any tve sessions you might be running.
  4. Rename the file %TEMPUS_DIR%\bin\tve.jar (usually C:\MZA\tempus\v2000.11\bin\tve.jar) to tve.jar.orig. You can rename this file back to tve.jar to revert to the old GUI if you need to for some reason.
  5. Put the file tve.jar from the .zip file in the directory %TEMPUS_DIR%\bin (usually C:\MZA\tempus\v2000.11\bin).
  6. The next time you start your tve, the new version will be used. Start the tve, open a Runset or System Editor window, and choose Options->Customize TVE... In the window that is displayed, make sure that at least one of "Generate CPP file" or "Generate MEX file" is checked on lower right corner of the TVE Resources tab, depending on how you work with WaveTrain. These settings are saved between sessions, so if your requirements do not change you won't need to bother with this again.

There are not many changes to the GUI. The most significant is that you can turn off warning messages in the Hierarchy and System Status windows after viewing them. This way, you can cause the status bulbs to turn green after you have determined that the warnings are not detrimental to your application.

The Options->Customize TVE... option, brings up a more complex of series of options which you can manipulate. In the resulting window, the tabs "TVE Resources" and "Defined Symbols" are worth considering. The other three tabs are for advanced usage and should not be edited unless you know what you are doing.

BUGFIX: Update to AOInf.exe (March 31, 2003)

This update avoids a crash due to variable not found.

When Release G was made, we inadvertently distributed a version of AOInf.exe which has a fatal error when the variable balmodel is not found in the input file. This should have been an inocuous warning message instead. Follow the instructions to install the fix:

  1. Download this password-protected AOInf030331.zip file.
  2. E-mail us, asking for the password.
  3. Once you receive the password, replace the file %WT_DIR%\bin\AOInf.exe (usually in C:\MZA\wavetrain\v2000.11\bin\AOInf.exe) with the AOInf.exe file in the zip file.

Subsequent executions of AOInf will not have the problem.

OTHER: Baseline Adaptive Optics and Track (BLAT) Model (March 4, 2003)
BLAT is a basic model intended to give WaveTrain users a start in implementing their own closed-loop adaptive optics (AO) systems. BLAT is flexible enough so that users can implement a wide variety of scenarios by modifying the runset as opposed to the block diagram itself. However, it is anticipated that users will also update the block diagram to implement different aperture sharing schemes, active illumination, and other concepts not captured in the basic model. The first version can be obtained by downloading BLAT01.zip. You can also view the documentation for the model.
BUGFIX: Fix to the AOGeom toolbox (Jan. 2003)

This update corrects for problems in drawing the AO geometry diagram.

Fix to the AOGeom toolbox which corrects for problems in drawing the AO geometry diagram

Due to a bug in Matlab's polygon drawing routines, when more than 300 or so actuators are to be drawn by the AOGeom tool, the diagram of the mirror is incomplete. These updated m-files use a different drawing technique to fix that error. It also fixes the problem that running the AOGeom tool sometimes changes the default figure background color.

Follow these instructions to install the fix:

  1. Download this zip file.
  2. Unzip it into a temporary directory. This should provide four .m files.
  3. Terminate any Matlab sessions where you have attempted to use the AOGeom toolbox.
  4. Copy the four .m files over existing files of the same name in the directory:


    If you installed in the default location on the C: drive the directory is:

  5. Delete the downloaded .zip file and the intermediate .m files in the temporary directory.

The next time you run AOGeom it should behave better.

BUGFIX: Fix to the msystem command (Jan. 2003)

This update corrects for problems handling state variables.

A bug in the msystem command implementation results in state variables being erroneously added to the Input and Output data types in the .tsd file, the file that describes the resulting tempus system to the tve. The quick fix is to simply eliminate these erroneous Inputs and Outputs in the GUI and proceed as usual. The longer-term solution is to use the new version of Mlimtoh.pl, to replace the old version of mlimtoh.pl in the directory:


If you originally installed tempus and WaveTrain in the default locations on the c: drive, the file to replace is:


Once you have completed the replacement, the msystem command shouldn't mishandle the state variables.

BUGFIX: Fix to cannot-save message (Jan. 2003)

This update fixes the tve message which says you cannot save changes

This patch does not apply to Release G. This patch applies only to those users who are still running versions of WaveTrain prior to v2000.11 Release G. Your best bet might be to ignore this patch and contact MZA to get a copy of Release G, since there are numerous improvements available in Release G and since we don't really support the earlier versions any longer. You might have to re-download this patch even if you already did it in 2002.

If you receive the Error Dialog message shown below, exit the tve, download this patch, and using the Save this file to disk option, replace the file Util.class in the directory:


If you originally installed tempus and WaveTrain in the default locations on the c: drive, the file to replace is:


Once you have replaced the file, you can restart the tve and everything should be back to normal. Contact MZA if you have problems.