WaveTrain 2010C Release Notes (Detailed)

Release 1 (28 Dec 2010)

1.       Add systems to support GAM modeling

a.       wideband.lib: new library added for wideband sources and cameras

b.      wt.lib: SimpleFieldSensor2, WavetrainInspectorWithTiming

c.       random.lib: RandomController, PSDRand

d.      lasers.lib: DistribSaturableGain (Liyang: comments needed.)

e.      Sensors.lib: Convolve components

f.        clrproxy: MathToolsProxy component.

2.       Hybrid trackers.

3.       Improvements to SRM

a.       Remove Matlab engine / m-system dependency - converted to C++.

b.      Fix treatment of incoming WaveTrains.

4.       Thermal Blooming Improvements: improve accuracy when stagnation zones are present by including effects of thermal diffusion due to conduction.

5.       pathLength in AcsAtmSpec is now double instead of float - improved accuracy in timing, especially over km range engagements. Also changes distances to double in various propagation components. Change is transparent to older systems which still use floats.

6.       FSAtmoPath.tsd had one PropagationController incorrectly parameterized (only a problem if you tried to use SWP)

7.       Updated Zernike functions:

a.       gridfullopdinv : Added code to deal with misaligned OPD mesh and downsampling

b.      mod2opd : Corrected normalization

c.       opd2slope : Added test for OPD grid / subap alignment. Refined tolerance used to find corners

d.      slope2mod : Added option of least-squares fit & test or orthogonality; replaced i with 1i

e.      RealZernike : Modified function for radial order=0 (piston) case. Normalization is now correctly applied

f.        TwoParameter : Restored warning message if deprecated orderings are used

g.       ZernikeDecompose : Added option of least-squares fit & test or orthogonality

h.      ZernikeName : 'Quadrafoil' spelling

i.         ZernikeNormalizationFactor : Restored correct normalization for Noll / Malacara

8.       Matlab script files re-organization: TrfTools, TmxTools, TrfView are now all under mfiles in tempus. The contents and layout of the files were changed to support the Matlab Help system.

9.       Matlab R2010B support: some minor header file changes were needed.

10.   LicMgr improvements : new server, simpler protocol, most fields are now automatically set up for KeyGen.

11.   Linux compile improvements. Remove warnings, less makefile editing.

12.   More missing icon fixes.

13.   Mex-systems compiled in release mode with Visual C++ 2008 or Visual C++ 2010 would usually crash when run.

14.   Fixes for memory leaks in SaveVariables and recallables. Reduce string copying/allocation.

15.   Runset crashes don't exit Matlab.

16.   Writing strings and arrays of strings now works correctly, and TrfView can now read the results properly.

17.   Batch files that build tempus and wavetrain now return error status and print more information.

18.   More (svn revision and build number) info in TVE's Help...About.

19.   TVE crash when creating .ps or .eps file from system with only one block.

20.   Remove global "#using namespace std;" in various tempus headers

21.   TVE hangup on some quoted string combinations in runsets.

22.   TVE incorrect code generation when runset setting expression has function call with no parameters.

23.   Installer - only one MSI file

24.   Setup checks for and recognizes VC 2010.

25.   Fix trfparams/ tmxparams (they are now the same function) when p.value is a cell non-scalar cell array.

26.   Fix TrfView ExportToPowerPoint function.

27.   Adapt PowerMeter for 1D models.

28.   Rectangular GainGrid in TempusInitializers.

Release 2 (1 Feb 2011)

29.   Statically link all DLLs and EXEs to avoid problems with runtime DLL versions..

Release 3 (16 Feb 2011)

30.   Fixes to TrfView.

31.   Fix error in tmxmkdll.bat.

Release 4 (3 Mar 2011)

32.   Add additional PropConfig constructors, some used for GAM model.

33.   Fixes to AoGeom.

Release 5 (15 Mar 2011)

34.   Put the corrected version of WBSourceMap in wideband.lib.

35.   Correct some compilation errors seen in some runsets due to "const char*" changes.

36.   Fix error in getDottedName.

37.   Small fix to trfwild.m

Release 6 (08 April 2011)

38.   Move .m files needed by both TrfView and TrfTools to TrfTools from TrfTools/private.

Release 7 (20 April 2011)

39.   Revert tmxmkdll back to build mex systems in debug mode - but only if not for Visual C++ 2010

40.   Include some components in VC++ 2008 project files for wtlib that were left out by mistake.

41.   Some code changes for Linux compatibility

Release 8 (30 May 2011)

42.   Add Rotating Apodizer component to optics.lib

43.   TrfView fixes:

a.       Uses X and Y information (if present) from TRF file to determine grid dimensions.

b.      Tooltip for each variable displays description for it; if CTRL key down, shows the full name.

c.       Corrections to library and debug symbol file locations.

d.      Source is now MacOS X compatible.

e.      Mex systems now build/run on Linux and on Mac OS X.

Release 9 (15 Oct 2011)

44.   Trfview handles empty Array<float> and Array<int> entries without crashing.

45.   Add FittsGPU tracker component, which will execute on Nvidia GPU, if installed.

46.   Fix issue with char_16t when compiling against Matlab 2011B.

47.   WaveTrain now works on Mac OS/X Snow Leopard and Lion.

48.   WtEnv: user can now deselect some environment changes if desired.